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      Relay繼電器(14)OMRON Relay 歐姆龍繼電器基本知識汽車用繼電器

      Automotive Relay 汽車用繼電器

      Automotive Relay Definition

      Automotive relays are provided in a design, production and quality structure that complies with the quality assurance system specified by each manufacturer, considering being installed in vehicles.

      Automotive Relay Features

      There are plug-in types that are directly attached to a vehicle such as an engine room, and printed circuit boards type that are mounted on a unit manufacturer's board.


      Automotive Relay Types

      In order to cope with a variety of applications installed in vehicles, we have lined up of several external shapes and specifications suitable for each application.

      Automotive Relay Diagram

      Single type:There are two types of contact structures, SPST and SPDT.

      Twin type:This is a relay with a reduced number of mounting steps by using a single relay in a single package.

      H-Bridge types:The two SPDT single relays are packaged in one package, and the N.O. terminals and the N.C. terminals of the two single relays are shared, so that the relay is suitable for motor drive circuits.

      Automotive Relay Application Examples

      Note for sale of Automotive relays and using catalogue

      1.Selling for car makers and companies related to AutomotiveOmron and car makers or companies related to automotive confirm relay specifications and actual using condition to use relays safely. Tests are included when necessary.

      2.Omron can not sell or guarantee our automotive relays when we have not finished making contracts with Product Specification.Selling for NO car makers or companies NOT related to automotive, and individual customersBasically, Omron can not sell our automotive 3.relays for NO car maker or companies NOT related to automotive. Omron basically can not support for individual customers.Safety Precautions for All Automotive RelaysWhen you consider using our automotive relays or see our catalogue, please confirm our Safety Precautions for All Automotive Relays in advance.

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